Executive Coaching

July - Nov, 2023

6-10 hours

You have the option of being paired with an executive coach to support the leadership and personal goals that you will set as a result of your LPI 360 assessment and the plan you create during the Best Year Yet workshop. Coaches are all graduates of NCSU’s Business and Professional Coaching Certificate program or the Raleigh Coaching Academy. Most of our LEAD coaches are full-time professionals – some are utilizing their coaching skills within their organization, some have their own external coaching practice, and some do both.

In the sessions, you and your coach will focus on your aspirations, attitudes and behavior in the specific context of your leadership and personal goals. Your commitment to growth and openness to being coached are crucial to success, as is the coach’s ability to be fully present - listening, supporting, probing, challenging, offering different perspectives, tools and options - in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality

Materials For Coaches

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