Tips for Marketing Your Business During COVID-19

Many small business owners are in isolation: quarantined with their families, homeschooling their children, and practicing safe social distancing. Suddenly everyone is a pro at Zoom meetings, conference calls and webinars. But, for those who can’t deliver curbside or aren’t considered essential, there is a lot of worry about how to market their business while the doors are closed. In reality, nearly everyone’s business has changed and everyone wants to know what to do as we navigate this new reality. Click here to view the infographic with tips for marketing your business during COVID-19.

After the Lockdown: Pandemic Marketing 2.0

Lockdown marketing advice emphasized the need for a strong on-line presence that included digital communications and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) development. And, most companies that survived, or even thrived during the lockdown, were successful as a result of their digital connections. Successful companies communicated digitally with current customers, expanded their reach to new clients, created partnerships, accepted and fulfilled orders, and monitored their strategies to maximize successful activities and minimize wasted effort. Click here for the full “Pandemic Marketing 2.0” infographic article.