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We’ve made a conscious decision to keep posting stories and ideas on this site even after the end of tax season. The reason why is simple; tax time will come around again before you know it and we want to be sure that those eligible to receive the credit know about it and take advantage of it.

The upcoming year will result in a lot of change for the insurance industry. While many of the mandatory requirement components of the Health Care Reform Act will more directly impact larger employers, the indirect impacts including likely cost increases will undoubtedly impact small business owners.

If you’re not taking advantage of the credit, please consult your tax advisor. And remember, if you find that you are eligible for the credit and haven’t been taking advantage of it in recent years, it may be worthwhile to revisit your previous years tax returns.

The small business health care tax credit was designed to help small business owners—the backbone of the American economy—don’t miss out on it.

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