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In an effort to support small businesses that provide employees with private health insurance, and to entice more small firms to offer this important benefit, the federal government created the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. This site exists to make sure you understand the credit, and hopefully take advantage of it! How the credit works »

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ByNC SBTDC Jul 11, 2013

We’re Getting More Social!

The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit wants to start some conversations. We're using Twitter and LinkedIn to push out various tips and point

Change Same Signpost Shows That We Should Do Things Differently
ByNC SBTDC Jun 24, 2013

Among Change There Remains A Constant.

I was attending an event about a month ago where hospitality executives were getting together to meet, greet and talk shop. As you might imagine,

ByNC SBTDC Jun 14, 2013

Attention Small Business Employees!

While many of the posts on this site are geared toward small business owners, we think you—the employee—also have a role to play in raising t

tip sheet
ByNC SBTDC Jun 6, 2013

Check Out Our New Tip Sheet

Thanks to a real interest in learning more about the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, we've developed a companion piece to the existing tri

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ByNC SBTDC Jun 3, 2013 A Year Round Resource

We’ve made a conscious decision to keep posting stories and ideas on this site even after the end of tax season. The reason why is simple; tax

ByNC SBTDC Apr 25, 2013

It’s Not Too Late!

April 15th has come and gone, yet we're still here, talking about the benefits of the small business healthcare tax credits. Even though this mig

business meeting
ByNC SBTDC Mar 29, 2013

A Helping Hand for Small Business

Everyone else is doing it, so I did too! While this sounds like a child’s excuse to a question from a concerned parent, in this case it’

ByNC SBTDC Mar 19, 2013

No Refund? Me Neither.

I remember when I got my first job after college. I wasn't making much, but it was way more than I'd ever made before. Next thing you know, the f