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Amy Howard

Q: What’s your story?

I have always been passionate about communication, and making sure people have the ability to communicate, which is why I went into Speech Pathology 20 years ago. Pediatrics drew me in about 10 years ago while working at the Department of Defense as a speech therapist. I became particularly close with a mother whose child I was providing therapy for. Her son had a doctor’s appointment with a developmental pediatrician and she asked that I come with her. At that appointment, he was diagnosed with autism. I knew right then that I had to help this woman find a way through and open a line of communication with her son. Not too long after that, I started Speech 4 Kidz in Jacksonville, NC – that was 2004. Since then, I’ve opened offices in Wilmington and Fayetteville.

Q: Describe your company:

We help kids and families learn how to communicate. Educating the families and caretakers is an important part of that so they can continue working even when they aren’t in our office. I am also working on a software program which streamlines the insurance, invoicing and state regulations for speech and language pathologists.

Q: How has the SBTDC helped?

I first met with my business counselor, Janis Mueller in 2010 for information about marketing for the software program. Together we looked at market research, which provided significant insight into what the consumer wants. From that, I have been able to refine the software and start testing with a small audience.

When I decided to open a second office in Wilmington, Janis was ready to help me look at available options for managing the office and clients already established in Jacksonville. The additional staff meant improving Human Resources and management skills and Janis was able to work with us on that. Speech 4 Kidz

Between my husband’s financial skills and the Strategy and Growth Services offered by the SBTDC, the business plan is now much stronger. And, when I have a new idea for marketing or anything else, I can understand the financial projections and see if it will benefit the company so I can make better decisions.

Through the SBTDC, we have also teamed with MBA students from UNC Wilmington for 18 months. The students are analyzing competitors to see where Speech 4 Kidz is positioned in the market. At the end, they will provide a Growth and Profit report including a presentation and 40-page paper.

The SBTDC is a fountain of never-ending information. If they don’t have the answers ready, they will tell you exactly where to look to find the answers you need. I have learned more, truly, in my 30-60 minute sessions about small business and strategies than in all my years of just breathing.

Q: What impact have you seen on the business?

In the past four years, we have added the Fayetteville office, hiring one full time and two part time employees. That office was almost immediately profitable. The Jacksonville office has doubled their revenue and has grown into a larger space. Across the three offices, we have doubled our employees. The software should also be launched in the near future and we’re looking forward to that.

Story originally featured in the SBTDC’s 2013-2014 Annual Report.

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