Annual Report

Dear Fellow North Carolinians,

Our theme for this year’s SBTDC Annual Report is “Proven Expertise and Results for North Carolina’s Growing Companies”. This is well reflected in both our strategic approach to services and our commitment to continuous self-assessment and improvement.

A decade ago, we thoroughly considered the question of what was the most impactful role of the SBTDC in the small business development landscape of North Carolina. From this we concluded that our highest and best value was as expert business advisors providing in-depth counseling and guidance to existing businesses.

Effectively serving existing businesses, particularly those with growth potential, has required a strong commitment to continuous enhancement of our professional skills and competencies.

We addressed this through our requirement that all of our professionals maintain and enhance their counseling skills and technical competencies through continuing professional education. To accomplish this, we have remained committed to providing ongoing opportunities and financial support for staff professional development.

Our approach has proven effective. Clients routinely comment on the professionalism and expertise of our staff. They also view our counselors as trusted advisors with a deep interest in their business and their success.

Nothing says this better than a picture – in this case, a brief video from a client about their experience with the SBTDC. To hear from two co-founders of North State Aviation, click here.

We welcome your comments and inquiries about the SBTDC.

Scott Daugherty
State Director

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