Annual Report


Dear Fellow North Carolinians,

Between the annual report, surveys of our clients, and our every day interactions, we do our best each year to find out what we do well and ways we can better serve our communities. As we analyzed the information for the year, an aspect of our services we rarely highlight kept surfacing: our ability to see a problem from a different angle.

Our small business owners are a smart bunch who solve challenges daily, but they’re often just a little too close to the problem. SBTDC counselors have the expertise, knowledge and experience to step in, assess the situation and offer a different view that opens up a whole new set of solutions. This unsung quality is what inspired this year’s theme Fresh Perspectives.

Whether it’s a new understanding of the problem, a better understanding of their financials, opening doors for funding or a hundred other ways to help our clients, the numbers make it clear that we are indeed making a difference to both individuals and the state’s economy.

This year we worked with more than 4,600 clients providing 61,000 hours of counseling. We provided real-world experience to 432 graduate and undergraduate students by connecting them with small businesses. We’ve helped increase revenues in companies we work with by an average of 16.5%. For every dollar of taxpayer money supporting the SBTDC, our clients have provided $3.67 of new tax revenues back to the state and federal government.

The numbers only tell part of the story, however, which is why we’ve included ten success stories from across the state. This year’s stories showcase the talents of our counselors as they tackle the issues that are currently faced by entrepreneurs. The results that the clients have achieved are inspirational and emphasize the need and effectiveness of organizations like ours that encourage entrepreneurs to succeed and grow.

We welcome your comments and inquiries about the SBTDC.

Scott Daugherty
State Director

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