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  • DoD SBIR/STTR – Funding Beyond Shields and Swords Jan 25, 2019 When deciding to test the SBIR/STTR waters, many innovators find themselves focusing on one or two of the 11 agencies that participate in the SBIR program. This happens because, generally, an agency may have an obvious sweet spot for solicitation topics based on its core mission. For instance, Health and Human Services (HHS/NIH) is most ... Read more »
  • It’s all About the Value Proposition Jan 25, 2019 Think about successful businesses. Whether a small or large business, traditionally funded or via angel or venture capital, all of these have business fundamentals that remain constant, regardless of funding source. It is safe to say that the same business fundamentals that make traditional businesses successful make growth ventures good investment opportunities. It’s all ... Read more »
  • Conduct a Patent Search and Keep Quiet Jan 25, 2019 You have an idea for an invention, but you really don’t know what to do next. If you want to pursue a patent, there are a number of steps to take. The first two things we can suggest are to conduct a search and don’t tell anyone about your idea. Do a search (i.e., ask) Conducting a search ... Read more »
  • SBIR and the Government Shutdown Jan 25, 2019 The federal government shutdown is having affects on various agencies. Rick Shindell has done a terrific job of outlining how this is affecting specific agencies. Rick has been a longtime member of the SBIR community and has helped to keep us “in the know” on timely issues for 20+ years. We have promoted Rick’s free ... Read more »
  • Connecting Asheville to SBIR/STTR’s Nov 20, 2018  The SBTDC and Emily Breedlove, the executive director of the Hatch AVL Foundation in Asheville, recently collaborated to host an SBIR/STTR session that was co-sponsored by the NC Biotechnology Center, Western Carolina University, Appalachian State University, UNC Asheville and Lenoir-Rhyne University. The event was held on October 29th in Asheville and 42 registrants signed up ... Read more »
  • Lessons Learned: Bringing the Secrets of Silicon Valley to North Carolina Nov 15, 2018 In early November, the Duke Angel Network (Duke Angels) hosted David Frazee, Managing Partner at Richmond Global Ventures and a leading expert on international entrepreneurship. David provided an entire weekend of Complete Startup Training and recourses related to equity funding and bringing the secrets of Silicon Valley to North Carolina. Frazee had several key messages for ... Read more »
  • IP and Patents – Part 1 New Inventions and Ideas: Available Protection Nov 15, 2018 So, you’ve created something new. It might be a work of art, a better mousetrap or something else.  Maybe it will save the world, or maybe it will just entertain people for a couple hours. But, it’s original and, therefore, worth something, at least to you. Congratulations! In many respects, our society is built on innovation. The next ... Read more »
  • Look for the Silver Linings When the Going Gets Tough Nov 15, 2018 When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s how the saying goes at least. The bottom line is that it tough to get going when the going gets tough. That’s true in both our professional and personal lives. 2018 proved to be one of the toughest years for me personally. In February, my ... Read more »