Strategy and Growth Services

Since 1999, our Strategy and Growth Services team has carefully identified, researched and developed products and services to help mid-size businesses like yours grow and become more competitive.

Today, Strategy and Growth Services products and services address three areas to help your business achieve higher performance:  knowledge development, strategy development and talent development. This expertise can help you in several areas including:

  • Assess and benchmark company performance,
  • Develop and implement successful long- and short-term strategies,
  • Identify priorities and action steps, and
  • Measure and monitor progress.

Knowledge Development

Businesses need information and data to increase knowledge that can affect achievement of their goals. Through research, diagnostic tools, assessments, and surveys, we help owners and managers determine what they need to know that they don’t know. more >>

Strategy Development

Many businesses need a short-term action plan. The greatest need may be to increase sales or move into new markets. Other businesses need a more comprehensive strategic plan. Strategy and Growth Services has well proven tools and process that can be customized to meet your needs depending on where you are.  more >>

Talent Development

Every business must develop or acquire the talent needed to achieve their goals.  Over many years, Strategy and Growth Services has researched, developed, and applied highly selected tools for leadership and management development. We have sought tools that are considered the “gold standard”—tools that are used  by recognized high-performing companies.

Most of the services provided by the SBTDC are at no-fee. Due to the degree of application and level of service, some Strategy and Growth Services products and services are fee-based. However, these are delivered at accessible, university-based rates. more >>