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  • What should my bid price be on a government contract requirement? Jul 19, 2018

    By Nick Economou, PTAC counselor at UNC-Charlotte

    You are pondering what price to bid on a government contract but wish you had additional information. You want to be competitive but you don’t want to lose money if you the contract. Although ... Read more »

  • Government Contracting: To be or not to be? Jun 5, 2018

    By Pam Racer, PTAC counselor at Western Carolina University

    The U.S. federal marketplace remains a great market opportunity for small businesses. The federal government typically spends approximately $500 billion in contracts every year; and, 23 percent of these dollars are mandated ... Read more »

  • Veteran-Owned Eligibility Requirements Jun 5, 2018

    By Pam Racer, PTAC counselor at Western Carolina University

    Veteran-Owned Business eligibility requirements are changing. Growing inconsistencies between the processes used by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Veteran Owned Small Business Programs, initiated a push to ... Read more »

  • Micro-Purchases: Changes are coming! Apr 26, 2018

    By Rebecca Barbour, PTAC counselor at North Carolina State University

    Micro purchases represent the smallest federal purchase, but account of over $8 billion in annual federal spending. Defined in FAR Subpart 13.2, micro purchases do not require full provisions and clauses, ... Read more »

  • Federal vendor database – WWW.SAM.GOV – hacked Mar 30, 2018

    By Mark G. Mills, PTAC Program Director at North Carolina State University

    The General Services Administration (GSA) has announced that fraudulent activity has allegedly taken place within the System for Award Management (SAM). SAM is the federal government’s vendor database. ... Read more »

  • PTAC Client Success Story: Williamson & Moore Inc. Mar 30, 2018

    By George Griffin, PTAC counselor at NC A&T

    Williamson & Moore Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran- Owned Small Business established in 2016. Angela Williamson, owner, is a retired Service-Disabled Veteran having served 28 years, and 9 months in the U.S. ... Read more »