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  • House Committee Proposes Ending SDVOSB Self-Certification Dec 14, 2018

    By Pamela Racer, PTAC Counselor at Western Carolina University

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) certifies small businesses for federal contracting set-aside/preference programs. This process helps to ensure that only qualified entities are able to take advantage from the $105 billion ... Read more »

  • PTAC Client Success Story – Survival Innovations, LLC Dec 14, 2018

    By Pamela Racer, North Carolina PTAC counselor at Western Carolina University

    Survival Innovations, LLC began working with the SBTDC in 2004. I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Mark Trexler at ... Read more »

  • What should my bid price be on a government contract requirement? Jul 19, 2018

    By Nick Economou, PTAC counselor at UNC-Charlotte

    You are pondering what price to bid on a government contract but wish you had additional information. You want to be competitive but you don’t want to lose money if you the contract. Although ... Read more »

  • Government Contracting: To be or not to be? Jun 5, 2018

    By Pam Racer, PTAC counselor at Western Carolina University

    The U.S. federal marketplace remains a great market opportunity for small businesses. The federal government typically spends approximately $500 billion in contracts every year; and, 23 percent of these dollars are mandated ... Read more »

  • Veteran-Owned Eligibility Requirements Jun 5, 2018

    By Pam Racer, PTAC counselor at Western Carolina University

    Veteran-Owned Business eligibility requirements are changing. Growing inconsistencies between the processes used by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Veteran Owned Small Business Programs, initiated a push to ... Read more »

  • Micro-Purchases: Changes are coming! Apr 26, 2018

    By Rebecca Barbour, PTAC counselor at North Carolina State University

    Micro purchases represent the smallest federal purchase, but account of over $8 billion in annual federal spending. Defined in FAR Subpart 13.2, micro purchases do not require full provisions and clauses, ... Read more »