International Business Development

The SBTDC’s International Business Development (IBD) unit assists small and mid-sized businesses with exporting. Our International Business Development specialists are highly trained, Certified Global Business Professionals (CGBP) with extensive experience in international business development. Our goal is to provide export-related guidance and assistance to small and mid-sized businesses – enhancing their export success.

How We Help You

Global Business Management

  • Evaluate export readiness for “new to export” clients
  • Develop strategies and tactics for exporting

Global Marketing

  • Identify potential export markets and customers
  • Locate and evaluate potential export sales representatives

Supply Chain Management

  • Understand basic logistics including foreign freight forwarders
  • Research and evaluate supply-chain options

Trade Finance

  • Financial analysis, costing, pricing, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Technical assistance with SBA and Ex-Im finance options

Networking and Resources Referral

  • Industry networking opportunities through special events
  • Provide research, publications, and training programs