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8:00 AM Registration
8:15 AM Introduction: Ready for take-off
8:30 AM Participant Introductions: 15-second “elevator speeches”
8:50 AM The Private Equity Investment Process: In the trenches
8:55 AM The Private Equity Investment Process: In the trenches
9:25 AM The Idea: So what’s the big idea? Will it attract equity investors?
9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM The Market: Getting your share
10:25 AM Management Team: Who will get it done? The buck stops here.
10:50 AM Funding Need & Financials: Passing the “sniff test”
11:20 AM Intellectual Property: When and how does it matter?
11:45 AM Luncheon / Entrepreneur Keynote:
Eric Buckland, Four Pi Innovations | Founder & CEO of Bioptigen
1:10 PM Targeting / Qualifying Funding Sources: Who’s got your money?
1:30 PM Presenting to Investors: The Teaser
1:50 PM Due Diligence: The Test
2:15 PM Valuation: What’s it worth? The market rules!
3:10 PM Break
3:25 PM Structuring the Deal: Assembling the puzzle
3:50 PM Board & Advisors: Expanding your posse
4:10 PM Perfect IRE Profile: Are YOU investor-ready?
4:20 PM Final Q&A, Evaluation and Next Steps
4:30 PM Adjourn

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