What is Full-Potential Strategy?

When organizations put their gifts and talents to work in a favorable environment they are most likely to reach their full potential. Developed over several months, a Full-Potential Strategy takes a systems view of growth starting with a deep-dive into the organizations gifts, talents and opportunity environments.

Full-Potential Strategy applies to mid-sized firms on the uptick, downtick or those that are just plain stuck. In all cases, the essential elements of a Full-Potential Strategy provide clarity and alignment – enabling growth that is neither to fast or too slow. Taking a firm from where it is to where it wants to be.

An adaptive approach, which draws on palette of tools and techniques, Full-Potential Strategy frames goals in terms of continuous implementation so that progress along some part of the strategic path is always possible — even as things change, it is still possible to create movement toward desired goal or pivot as necessary.

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