A Single Woven Fabric

When you consider the critical practices (i.e., strategy, execution, culture, structure and leadership) that form the essential foundation of a successful business, it is really no wonder that midsize firms are so stable. For these firms, the ongoing execution-gap encountered by many just does not seem to apply.   Why is that? Perhaps it is because, by their nature, these firms have the advantage of being too small to waste opportunities and too big to lack discipline.

The discipline applied by these firms makes it possible for them to stick closely to the basics – money, market and management. By focusing on the basics of core business activities, they can afford to develop executable strategies. These strategies tend to focus on profitable competitive arenas and stage growth initiatives that move them forward within their means.

One insight we have derived from our practice is that midsize firms often think of strategy and execution as part of the same thing – a single woven fabric, for example. This kind of integrated thinking is what we bring to our clients through our Full-Potential Strategy service offering.


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