Resonate in a Practical Way

Glenn Llopis , a Forbes contributor, writes:

“Remember this: we are transitioning from a knowledge based to a wisdom based economy. It’s no longer about what you know – but what you do with what you know. In the wisdom based economy, it’s always about trust, transparency and collaboration. A client relationship is about adding value in everything you do and how you do it.  Everyone wants to grow during this time of uncertainty where many are reinventing themselves to find their footing – you must position your organization and its leaders as catalysts for growth through thought leadership.”

In the context of SBTDC’s Strategy & Growth Services, Glenn’s words resonate in a very practical way. For us to succeed, our client’s must succeed. We must continue to be more than facilitators, technical assistance specialists, and subject matter experts. We must continue to help our clients think through how the dots can be connected and assist them in implementation – get them to goal sooner!

To learn more about what are client’s say about what we do and how we do it, request a copy of our “Case Studies” report below.

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