Now is the time!

In a previous post, Q2, It’s All Good, I made the point that the 2nd Quarter is over and it’s time to move on to Q3 to accomplish pre-planning activities and Q4 to finalize 2018 plans. To help you start thinking about pre-planning activities you may wish to consider the “Strategic Pain Points” many companies report:

  • Evolution of business causing increased complexity
  • Technical problem solving capacity
  • Hiring and retaining proficient workers
  • Shifting customer business requirements
  • Getting the most out of physical capital
  • Dealing with mid-term (3-5 years) business ambiguity
  • Managing financial risks associated with supporting growth
  • Coordinating business ownership/management transition

In a reactive mode, it is stressful to deal with any one of these issues and just like physical pain as one ache goes away another rises up to take its place.

Action: You cannot avoid pain, so be proactive and systematic about the way you manage it. Now is the time to seek outside assistance to deal with chronic pain. Together, explore opportunities that provide long lasting relief. Why wait until it really hurts? Contact today.

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