Leadership: Analogies versus Practice

Describing leadership can be difficult. People tend to use analogies to explain it — leadership is to plan implementation as oxygen is to breathing. Alternatively, leadership infrastructure is like physical infrastructure – roads, phone lines, and bridges – in that it is the sum total of management systems and processes that enable companies to grow.

Given these powerful analogies, it is no wonder that 90% of CEOs plan to invest in leadership development in the coming year according to the McKinsey Quarterly (January 2015), “Decoding leadership: What really matters.” What is surprising is that, according to the same article, only 43% of the CEOs expect their investments to produce a beneficial result — why such a low level of confidence? I can only imagine that it has to do with prior experience and the recognition that leadership development is a lot like farming – generating a good crop requires fertile ground, good seed stocks, and cooperative weather conditions. Like farming, leadership development is complex. Do you want to learn more about our approach? Go to building future leaders >>

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