Government Contracting as a Strategic Growth Vehicle

Successful businesses have created and deployed a long-term strategy on how they were going to prioritize Government Contracting as a Strategic Growth Vehicle. The shotgun approach will not work, you must be deliberate and target those federal agencies that have or are currently purchasing your products or services. Many federal agencies have future forecasts on their websites and this can be a great starting point for your research.

It is critical to understand right out of the gate that the federal government is much different from the commercial market via “regulations”. Contractors must meet the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation or FAR cradle to grave on any given contract.

Your long-term strategy should identify potential partners for Joint Ventures and teaming agreements; understanding potential prime contractor’s long-term strategy in the Government Contracting arena is necessary. Consider hiring a federal contracting professional, as that individual could shorten the time for winning your first government contract.

We can help you with your Government Contracting long-term strategy. Obviously, we would like to engage. Here is how to contact me – or 919-600-6096.

Mark Mills

Mark Mills has worked with the SBTDC  for over 15 years — as a procurement counselor at App State and now as Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) program director. For over 7 years, he has lead a team of procurement counselors who help small and mid-size businesses sell products and services to government agencies. Mark has managed businesses, worked in manufacturing, and has a broad background in funds contracting. More >>


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