Follow Up: To grow or exit … Maintenance & Inspection Services (MIS)

In the fall of 2014, MIS — a mid-size (50+ employees) manufacturer and service firm with operations in NC, VA and CA — engaged SBTDC’s Strategy & Growth Services (SGS) to assist them with development of a strategy to either grow the business at a faster, more profitable rate or sell the business. Following intensive study and discussions, SGS found a third option that addresses growth opportunities, maximizes valuation and meets the client’s exit interest.

David Mugrage
David Mugrage

David Mugrage, MIS Founder and CEO reports, “The engagement is going well. SGS continues to add real value to the process. With SGS on my team, as I move forward, I feel a sense of greater confidence. For anyone looking to get a first-person reference on SGS, give me a call … I’m always happy to make a referral to this resource.”

This is not SGS’s first engagement with MIS. Read the feature from the SBTDC’s 2008-2009 Annual Report >>


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