Follow Up: Maximizing Efficiency and Preparing for Growth

R.R. Equipment Company is a Charlotte, NC area manufacturer of heavy equipment products including REBEL CRUSHER, CRUSH-ALL, SWING-SCREEN, CRUSHKING, and SCREENKING. They have served the aggregate industry for over 50 years. This mid-size firm distinguishes itself in the industry by offering patented products of their own design, which operate at extraordinary production rates and provide high value to their customers – reducing transportation and disposal costs by producing crushed materials that are easily recycled on-site or repackaged and resold as raw construction commodities.

In the fall of 2015, R.R. Equipment Company engaged the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC)’s Strategy and Growth Services (SGS) to assist in preparing the company for rapid growth. In this context, SGS worked with the company’s leadership team to restructure both operations and human resources.

Reflecting on SGS’s contribution over the 3-month process, Bob Rossi, CEO of R.R. Equipment, says,

“We greatly appreciate all of the effort put forth by Mr. McConnaghy and the team at SBTDC.  Their experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge that spans a wide variety of industries.  It was enlightening to get a third party perspective that not only reinforced our existing strategies but also guided us to follow new techniques in order to accomplish our goals.

SBTDC outlined an employee structure that allows for expansion while further defining specific roles and responsibilities for each employee.  In addition, SBTDC was able to assist in overall plant operations that included flow of materials and plant layout concepts.  The SBTDC’s work has been invaluable in our efforts to maximize efficiency in all aspects of our business.  We would highly recommend them!”

If you are looking for a first-person referral, give me a call at (803) 804-0036. I am always happy to recommend Kevin McConnaghy, State Program Director, Strategy and Growth Services.

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