Five, Plus-One

Fortune magazine reports on five big business trends to watch in 2018, they are:

1: Recession Watch.
2: AI advances.
3: The tech backlash builds.
4: The CEO Statesman is on the rise.
5: A changing workplace for women.

You will want to read the article – it is short and to the point.

For me, the “Plus-One” trend to watch in 2018 is Amazon is putting Alexa in the Office or at least in the conference room. I am not thinking so much about the specific product as I am thinking about the concept. It remains to be seen how this product category will develop and how it will address privacy concerns. However, as I visit clients this year, I will be on the lookout for this type of device and have some questions for the users.

Do you have a trend you are following this year? Leave a comment, please.


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