Around the Bend

Every business leader wants greater organizational involvement to help his or her company grow and prosper. With planning season just around the bend, we have a few suggestions for your consideration.

First, get started planning early. Second, build a framework and agenda for your planning activities – one that engages the entire leadership team. Then, as you look over your approach, ask:

  • Does the approach create context for planning?
  • Given the situation, do the planning horizons need adjustment?
  • Will the planning agenda allow open dialogue to look for all the big and small opportunities?
  • What processes can we apply that ensure plans are implementable?
  • Are we challenging the organization to reach its full potential?

By giving thought to these questions, you should be able to:

  • Build better plans
  • Generate greater organizational commitment
  • Prepare the leadership team to improvise as conditions change

Remember, your best opportunities are just ahead, perhaps around the next bend. We invite you to review our portfolio of case studies and then give us a call.


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